Bellona (place unmaking make it make up and make out)

We take a humming
Ambiguous heterotopia ok!?
Set for some songs about man stink
Cum splattered nuclear breeders
You imagine a territory rich in possibilities and try to think of how you might get to it then suddenly one day you look around and you realise you have been there for a long time
For those of us who are enemies of the present order of things dot dot dot
Good sites for bad rituals
Good sites for bad rituals (reverse)
Spirit of the unknown and the disorderly, loose in the forest encircling the city and the sown land
passing geometric laughter
Set for littoral choral
Set for yellow, green and blue music
Set for blue and yellow music
Set for swimming pool music
Not a place but an irrevocable condition
Labry Apartments
God-damn bloodthirsty poems
Set for your opera