Joining in the jack-off party

Henrik Olesen, Pre Post: Speaking Backwards:
A central reflection in sexual politics has always been about the position of “others” and the
question of who may speak about the “other.” When I try to index a piece like Seedbed—and
its symbolic positioning of other bodies within the Conceptual art movement—there seems to
be a plain disagreement in the rules of the sexual-bodily exchange. As a gay man it doesn’t
make any sense that you are not supposed to join in when you enter a jack-off party.

The Slow Burn

I Hear a New World 01. Orbis Tertius is currently on show as part of The Slow Burn, organised by artist Euan Macdonald at Ditch Projects, Springfield OR. Also included are works by Moyra Davey, Tannaz Farsi, Will Hayward, Nick Herman, Colin Ives, Sylvan Lionni, Dan Powell, Roman Signer, David Shrigley, Michael Snow, Diana Thater and Channing Hansen.

From the exhibition’s accompanying text:

The title of this exhibition, The Slow Burn, is a causal phrase used to describe art that opens up continuously in time. The Slow Burn also implies a kind of negation, or an immanent degradation or carbonation of heat, and above all, change. Within the worldly productions of visual art, there has always existed a sense of producing new kinds of tensions to disrupt older ideas.