One is elated. One laughs without its being funny.

Jonas Mekas, Films – Vidéos – Installations (1962 – 2012), Catalogue raisonné:

A small port in south of France, a lighthouse, the sea.

The year was 1966. The month of July. I was visiting Jerome Hill. Jerome loved France, especially Provence. He spent all his summers in Cassis. My window overlooked the sea. I sat in my little room, reading or writing, and looked at the sea…

Jerome Hill, ibid:

The 24 hours that pass over the Cassis landscape take only a few minutes in this episode, but, during that time, the sea, the sky and mountain are brushed in by a mighty hand; boats and people are animated otherwise than in daily life. The effect is at the same time uncanny and yet immediately recognizable as belonging to the artist’s inner vision. One is elated. One laughs without its being funny.